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It needs a BRAND

Your business doesn't need a logo...

Why do I need a brand?

When you develop your brand, you allow your entire business presence & platform to become consistent and more memorable to your target audience. The more consistent and memorable your business brand becomes, the better it will perform in sales, services, and overall performance.

What's the difference between a logo and a brand?

Everyone thinks a logo is all you need for your business but a logo is just one element of your entire brand. Your business also needs an official brand voice, brand identity, color scheme, logo variations, guidelines. All of this makes your business become more authentic and established.

What exactly is a brand guidebook?

A brand guide book becomes your business' internal and external document that explains how exactly your brand is to be used and displayed across everything your business does. This means your website developer, graphic designer, print shop, social media and anything else now has a document to reference when they create anything for your business. A brand guide results in your business having not just one logo image, but an entire collection of branding material. You no longer have to hunt down the person who made your logo, you have all your files and guidelines under one place.

Check out a sample of what your business Brand Guidebook can look like.

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